The Pioneers Partnership is a SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training), providing both the salaried and non-salaried training routes into teaching, at both Primary and Secondary level.

We are located across Rochdale Local Authority and a high percentage of our trainees are employed by Rochdale schools on completion of their training. We benefit from our trusting and supportive relationship with all Headteachers and from all stakeholders within the Partnership there is a clear commitment to ensuring trainees realise their potential. The lead school is Middelton Technology School, one of the top achieving schools in the country. During the last Ofsted inspection Middleton was judged to be outstanding in every respect. The wider partnership extends to the vast majority of secondary schools and colleges within the borough and has expanded further due to becoming part of a Multi Academy Trust. The Partnership also includes six primary schools. You will complete training after one year with Qualified Teacher Status and the option of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

In Pursuit of Excellence

The Rochdale Pioneers Team

Paul Jones - Senior Leader Middleton Technology School, Pioneers Partnership Training Manager
Sarah Livesey - Associate Headteacher and Director of Teaching School (Middleton Technology School)

Paul Jones Senior Leader Middleton Technology School, Pioneers Partnership Training Manager
Qualifications – BA(Hons) Fine Art, SLE for Curriculum Leadership and Art and Design
My responsibilities as Pioneers Partnership Training Manager within the Senior Leadership Team at Middleton Technology College include the strategic development of the SCITT, recruitment, communicating with partners, improvement planning, growth to primary schools and the quality assurance of all aspects of training. I provide training to mentors as well as trainees, observe lessons, arrange placements and through a strong relationship with each trainee ensure that the course can be tailored meet the needs of individuals.
Prior to this I have a long history of improving Teaching and Learning at both departmental and whole school level. I began my teaching career at Haydock Sports College in St Helens, where having been promoted to Head of Department I ensured that pupils progress and attainment was consistently outstanding.
Prior to my appointment at Middleton Technology School I worked as Creative Arts Coordinator with responsibility for Art, Music Drama and Dance at Saddleworth School This has enabled me to develop coaching and facilitating skills in a variety of contexts with middle leaders with varying degrees of experience. Dramatic improvements in the standards of Teaching and Learning, far more accurate tracking systems and sharper levels of accountability engendered vastly improved results. I have also had whole school responsibility for the development of Teaching and Learning for NQTs.
Integral to the role of ITT Manager is the development of staff, empowering them to become the very best professionals they can be. As a designated Specialist Leader in Education for Curriculum Leadership and Senior Leader at MTS I have repeatedly demonstrated my commitment to recruiting and nurturing talented teachers with varying degrees of experience. I consider it a privilege to be responsible for training and developing the next generation of outstanding teachers to improve the life chances of children within the borough of Rochdale and beyond.

Sarah Livesey Associate Headteacher and Director of Teaching School (Middleton Technology School)
Qualifications: BAHons English Literature, PGCE with Distinction English. Specialist Leader of Education for English and Leadership and Management. Future Leader Cohort’13
My responsibilities at Middleton Technology School involves the leadership of our Teaching School alliance. This encompasses our School to School support provision; the development of Specialist Leaders of Education and Senior Leaders and ensuring that the best possible training takes place from our pre—teaching route, right up to headship training. I also play an active part on the senior leadership within MTS, providing staff training, developing teaching & learning and supporting staff and students to achieve excellence.
I have always valued the importance of effective teacher training. I was lucky enough to benefit from an outstanding practitioner as my mentor when I completed my PGCE and she truly inspired me to be the best teacher I possibly could. The drive and belief that she instilled in me that every single student can excel, regardless of circumstance, has inspired me throughout my career as I lead an English department in a large secondary school; was an Assistant and Deputy Headteacher setting up a teaching school from its infancy and supporting in failing and challenging schools, to now, as Associate Headteacher.
I wholeheartedly believe that we are absolutely privileged to play such an important role in the development of young people. When embarking on a career in teaching, we commit a lot of our time and self however, the rewards are plentiful. In the words of Aristotle: “those who know do, those that understand teach”. I truly believe there is no better job in the world than to shape the lives of young people and watch as they grow, develop and succeed.

Rochdale’s schools can only be as good as the people who work in them.

Our vision is that the partnership will respond strategically to local need by training high quality graduates in order to provide schools and students with outstanding teachers. We are in pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our recruitment, training and outcomes.

All students in Rochdale deserve to be given access to outstanding teaching and learning opportunities. Therefore we will:

* Recruit trainees with the potential, resilience and drive to become outstanding teachers
* Provide outstanding and highly personalised training designed to meet the individual needs of each trainee
* Prepare our trainees with the skills they need to be outstanding teachers in different circumstances
* Collaboratively lead and manage the SCITT so that the needs of each trainee and school are met

The North West lags behind national figures in terms of good and better schools (67% compared to 71%). One third of our region’s students are not receiving a good secondary education. At 75% good and better schools, Rochdale is in a stronger position to invest in our communities of differing economic and social need. The partnership will contribute to schools’ improvement agendas whilst helping to provide our students with the outstanding teaching they deserve.